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11 J U N H U A Y A N , D E Q I A N G Z H A N G , J U X I U L I U and G U O Y I Z H O U Interactions between CO2 enhancement and N addition on net primary productivity and water-use efficiency in a mesocosm with multiple subtropical tree species Global Change Biology 2014, 20, 2230–2239
12 Yin Xiao1,2, Guoyi Zhou1 Increasing active biomass carbon may lead to a breakdown of mature forest equilibrium SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2014, DOI: 10.1038/srep03681
13 Jun Liu Climate warming increases biodiversity of small rodents by favoring rare or less abundant species in a grassland ecosystem Integrative Zoology
14 Zhang Xianzhou,Sun Xiaomin, Wang Winmin,Xu Jinping,Zhu Zhilin & Tian Jing Spatiotemporal dynamics of aboveground primary productivity along a precipitation gradient in Chinese temperate grassland Science in China,Ser.D 2005,48,supp.Ⅰ:225-244
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