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Xisha Sea Air Flux Observation Station is affiliated with Hainan Meteorological Service. The station locates at Yongxing Island, Sansha City, Hainan Province ( 16°50′00″N,112°20′00″E,asl 40m ). The underlying surface of the flux tower is tropical ocean.


Tropical oceanic monsoon climate.

The annual average temperature is 27.3 ℃, and the annual precipitation is 1445 millimeters; The highest temperature is 34.9 ℃, and the lowest temperature is 15.3 ℃. Frequent weather events such as rainstorm and typhoon occur.

Observation system

The equipment of the flux observation system includes a CSAT3A ultrasonic anemometer (Campbell, USA) and a CPEC310 (Campbell, USA) infrared gas analyzer. The flux tower has a height of 40 meters, with the ultrasonic anemometer and infrared analyzer installed at a height of 30 meters and conventional meteorological instruments installed at heights of 10 meters. Flux observation began in November 2022, with a data sampling frequency of 10Hz and an averaging time of 30 minutes for flux measurements.

Principal Investigator

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Wei Sun     E-mail:


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